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The top 1% of business owners manage multiple – sometimes dozens, even hundreds – of businesses, have a lot of money and time. They don’t even appear to be “working”. How do they do that?

And why is it that a typical business owner works endless hours, is stressed, constantly putting out fires and never seems to have enough time or money to do what they want when they want?

*If you’re not an Exclusive Partner through  Exclusive Unlimited Leads  (with free access), the cost of this program is $9,475.

The top 1% have high “decision making velocity”. They have learned how to very quickly assess anything that may impact their business, then prioritize which decisions warrant their attention right now – make the decision – and which can wait.


They’re focused on their business, on what they want and how to get there.

Most people make few decisions because they spend a lot of time making each one while being distracted with all the “noise” around them.

They spend too much time researching and agonizing over every detail. From what to do in any moment or situation in their business, to what to eat, what to wear, what TV, boat, furniture or RV to buy, in their personal lives. 

Just ONE Example: If the issue is “SEO” for their website. They want to “understand” and “learn” as much as they can so they can either do it themselves, or hire the right agency. This is a fundamental and typical, and costly mistake. SEO is very complicated and ever changing.

The Top 1% ONLY focus on the 3-5 things they need to know (NOT understand) about SEO so they can, very quickly, within minutes – assess the competence of an SEO specialist. And decide to hire them or not.

Most people simply get sucked into long sales pitches, trying to “learn” to cross-check and assess, read monthly reports and want to “participate” in the process.

The top 1% knows this process – in any application – is a “black hole” of time and failure. They would rather build – and enjoy – their wealth.

Once these concepts sink in, they’ll become second nature, and you’ll have set the framework for your financial future – and freedom of time.

The top 1% will make 100X more decisions than the average person, in one tenth the time. 50% of them will be wrong. 40% will be satisfactory, and 10% will generate stellar results.

The same ratio applies to YOU as well.

Which then means (the good news!) is that the top 1% don’t have magical powers. They just learned to assess situations faster, and understood the statistical power of making fast decisions – and a lot of them.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of how to assess your business, the market and your competition so you can start your journey to join the top 1%.

You’ll learn how to quickly assess the market, your competition, even your own operations and the economy, then prioritize what needs deciding now and what can wait till later. 

All the material is in layman’s terms – no consultant “speak”.

Your success will not be instant, but it’s a journey that could change everything for you. Personally and financially.

As you progress through the program you’ll be able to assess situations faster and faster and be able to make decisions faster and faster – which means you’ll accelerate your Decision Making Velocity. Over time… you’ll feel like a racecar!

Although this program is focused on business decisions, you’ll find that the crossover to all other parts of your life will be a natural outcome.

Review the contents of the entire program below.

Module 1

Key Business Structure Characteristics

Every business must manage people, equipment, customers, marketing and, of course, sales. Each part of your business falls under one of these headings; sales & marketing, finance or operations. All too often business owners "blend" these distinctly different areas when making decisions. Learn how to make effective decisions by understanding how one decision will (or could) impact the other areas of your business. [Click to view module]

Key Business Structure Characteristics

7 lessons - 8:45 hours
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Module 2

Out-Gunning The Competition: Understand Shifts In The Market & Economy

In any typical home services business, in a medium to large metro area, there are literally hundreds of businesses offering the same service. That's a lot of competition. Most business owners float along throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks. If you understand how to spot the handful of signals and trends in the market and economy, among your competitors, you'll make solid and informed decisions. [Click to view module]

Managing The Competition & Understanding Shifts In The Market And The Economy

6 lessons - 5:91 hours
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Module 3

Efficiency For Profit or Inefficiency For Loss

Most businesses try to meet the needs of a diversified range of customers, with an established crew and equipment combinations. In effect, for some jobs, it's like using a cement truck to deliver a sack of cement or using a pickup to deliver 10 yards of concrete. Learn how to match your equipment, crew and training to eliminate inefficiency and significantly boost profitability. [Click to view module]

Efficiency For Profit – Or Inefficiency For Loss

2 lessons - 1:50 hours
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Module 4

Converting Prospects Into Buyers

Most business owners focus on "advertising" from the perspective of creating ads, building websites, even sending out emails and flyers. That's only the first 50%. You could send out thousands of flyers and pay thousands for ads and SEO - and achieve very little ROI - only a few clients. Learn the critical elements of any marketing campaign that will "convert" the prospect - prompt them to "take action" - and call you. [Click to view module]

Converting Prospects Into Buyers

7 lessons - 9:10 hours
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Module 5

Marketing: Getting Found By Your Ideal Prospective Customers

Running ads based on "keywords" that Google or your SEO tells you will drive clicks is NOT the same as getting "clicks" from the exact market you're looking to target. We live in a digital world that matches the human search process with the algorithms of search platforms like Google. Learn the critical factors that determine how the algorithms "see" your site and "decide" that your web page is the best result to show the searcher and discover the pitfalls of buying leads [Click to view module]

Marketing – Getting Found By Your Prospective Customers

5 lessons - 4:90 hours
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Module 6

Managing Customer & Employee Relationships

Most business owners don't have a clear way of managing their relationships with either their employees or their customers. Neither group is "family". Both have expectations from you - and you have expectations from them. Employees to work. Clients to pay. Employees expect to get paid and clients expect a good service. Learn how to easily implement a framework for a smooth, consistent way to manage expectations and obligations by all parties. [Click to view module]

Managing Customer & Employee Relationships

2 lessons - 1:30 hours
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Module 7

Separating Business from Your Personal Life & Assets

Business owners are always looking for help, advice and answers. That's natural. But WHO you listen to can make a critical difference to your business. In addition, the structure of your business with respect to your personal financial affairs matters a lot too. These important considerations are often overlooked until it's too late. Learn where to get good advice, and how to protect your personal life, privacy - and assets. [Click to view module]

Separating Your Business from Your Personal Life & Assets

5 lessons - 5:40 hours
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Module 8

Knowing When to Step Back From Your Business

At a certain stage of growth, EVERY business, reaches a point where in order for the business to flourish, the founder/owner must begin to take incremental steps away, beginning to remove themselves from specific operational and management roles. Learn how and when to begin shedding some of the "hats" you've been wearing, as a business owner - in order to ensure continued growth and increasing profitability. [Click to view module]

Knowing When to Take a Step Back From Your Business

3 lessons - 3:35 hours
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These are the three key  elements representing the backbone of financial freedom for business owners.

But all three elements are underpinned by your Decision Making Velocity

If you’re a business owner working endless hours, always worried about cash flow and fighting a price race to the bottom, then this course could change everything for you.

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