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There’s a saying, “It’s not personal, it’s just business”. Take that to heart.

Any time there’s an expectation of compensation, in either time or money, the relationship becomes all “business”. Unfortunately, this also applies to family and friendship relationships.

If something goes wrong, we all know how fast everything comes down to money. And usually, the “claim” is for a lot more than deserved or earned.

The best mindset to learn is to separate situations where you expect no return – like helping a friend, family member, or even an employee, and keep the money factor out of it.

The hard lesson learned (or not learned) by business owners is that your relationship with anyone you pay is 100% business. Any “slack” you cut for anyone, for whatever reason comes out of your pocket – and consequently from the pocket of your business, and ultimately the “pocket” of your family.

The most straightforward way to keep any relationship that involves money – such as with employees AND customers – is to have a very clear framework of expectations for both sides. It doesn’t have to be complicated. But it must be in place.

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Money makes the world go round and every minute you, or anyone spends in any activity, where compensation of some sort is expected for time spent, money as the unit of value will always trump everything else.

Especially when either something goes wrong or reciprocity is expected.

If you’re doing a good deed, make it clear that you have no expectations of reciprocity or of getting paid, and stick to it.

Learning Path

Good relationships where money is involved, and governed by agreements and policies, cut both ways or it will not work.

You cannot create one-sided policies. For example, if you delegate responsibilities, you cannot expect to constantly overrule your employee’s decisions. If that happens, either you’re a control freak, or your employee has no clue and needs to be replaced.

The purpose of these rues and policies is to make sure everybody knows what their obligations are, and what the expectations are. Your employees have expectation of you too. Getting paid is just one of them. Making good business decisions, and not undermining them, are a couple of others. Among many.

If you don’t have clear, simple policies, you’ll forever be putting out employee related fires, and nobody will be happy or productive.

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Money changes hands with customers too. Not just with employees. Most business owners have this part figured out.  Through trial and error they know how to manage customer relationships, so this section may not be altogether new, but you’ll likely still pick up a few tips.

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