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Once you know where your prospective customers are looking for your services, you have to get in front of them the moment they’re looking for you.

There are 2 considerations.

First, what the platform is. Are they looking for you via Google ads, your website on Google, Facebook, or services like HomeAdvisor, Angie, Yelp, etc.?

Second, understand the technology behind how these platforms work – only at a high level – no need to become an expert.

Ensure that where your SEO has control, everything is properly implemented. Where your SEO doesn’t, like on Facebook, they understand how to effectively target your market.

Understanding how your marketing works ensures that your costs stay in line with typical costs of new business acquisition.

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Tips & notes

90% of searches for local services are done online. 85% of those searches are done on mobile devices.

There are a handful of major platforms for reaching your market – like Google, Facebook, HomeAdvisor, Yelp, etc. When you include local directories, that number reaches into the hundreds.

You do NOT need to be an expert in any area. Your job is to understand – at a high level – how things work so you can make effective decisions quickly and delegate.

Learning Path

Which platforms and services you use to reach your prospective customers depends on where your target market looks for your services.

You also have to keep in mind that your customers may also be of a different “calibre”. Most home services, like “pressure washing” are engaged by all levels of economic classes. For example, people looking to sell a small home and need their driveway cleaned, will likely look on Facebook and HomeAdvsior for a good deal and multiple quotes.

The owner of a multi-million dollar home does not spend time on Facebook, and may not even want to deal with multiple quotes and spend time filling in boxes on HomeAdvsior. They’ll go straight online on Google and pick the “best looking” service. They want the job done right – which is their first priority. Not price. This is where understanding your market, where they look, and “conversion” become critical.

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Understanding SEO at a high level is very important because so much of your business invariably comes from your website, and the advertising that drives people to your website.

When you understand the basics, you can ask the 5 critical questions of any potential SEO service provider and be able to make a decision, in 5 minutes, about their competence. Bypassing long sales calls and explanations.

You DON’T need to know HOW your SEO does what they do. You only need to know that they CAN do what you need them to do as an “SEO Expert”

Video 44 Min + 15 Min read to complete worksheet

One of the basics of SEO is that your web pages are structured the right way. Since Google, and all other search engines, use algorithms to “read” what’s on your site, there are a few things which must be done properly.

Your web pages have to be able to “speak” to the algorithms. If they don’t do that clearly, Google will have no idea what your web page is about, and what to do with it, so it’ll park it on page 5, or even 100+ for any search term.

The basics are not hard to understand. And it’s only the basics you need to know to make sure that your SEO or full service agency knows what they’re doing.

And keep in mind that Google ranks web pages – NOT websites, so every page has to be done right!

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Buying leads from lead sellers can be a daunting and very expensive proposition. In some cases it could even lead to spending thousands of dollars for nothing while being locked into long term contracts.

However, if you fully understand the parameters and are prepared to work within them, they CAN be effective.

But don’t expect high caliber customers through lead sellers unless it’s through a property manager or an employee working on behalf of high-end clients.

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Whatever your service offering is, there’s a cost associated with marketing to get new business in the door.

No matter how strong your referral network is, or how large your customer base is, you likely always need more business. The annual attrition rate of a customer base is 15%, which means you’ll have to, an average replace your entire book of business every 7 years or so. People move away, they die, hire someone else, etc..

Even the largest of corporations constantly advertise – why would Coke, Pepsi, Nike keep spending millions every month when “everybody” knows their brand?

If you stop spending money on marketing, in a matter of months you’ll be forgotten. That includes Coke and Nike. And they know it.

So spending on marketing is not just about getting business today… but tomorrow. When they’ve seen your ad or website before they actually needed your service, they’ll “convert” more easily. Familiarity. Your brand sticks in their mind. That’s also why follow-up emails, newsletters etc., are so powerful.

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